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Cultural and historical entity of the Caucasus
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About Project


In the near future the New Alliance will mainly concentrate on the improvement and development of the educational and cultural project "All about the Caucasus or the Caucasian Character".

We are happy to present the second enhanced bilingual version of the website. We rely on its attractiveness and reliability as a source of knowledge and information about the Caucasus.

XXI century is an epoch of information. The XX century of technology insensibly transformed into the age of information. Just half a century ago people sincerely used to be excited about the miracles of the technological achievements. Modern mankind does not respond to the scientific and technological advancement with a trill of sacred admiration. Today we get accustomed to the latest technology challenges quite promptly, pragmatically and immediately become the users without any extra emotions. Up today the Web has become a powerful information and communicational tool. Number of users grows incredibly rapidly.

XXI century is an epoch of the humanities. The magnitude of the humanitarian disciplines is obvious. Ignorance, lack of education and knowledge of psychology, history, linguistics, ethnography and literature begets aggressiveness, conflicts, hostility between the people, the nations, the states.

The Caucasus is a place of permanent mental anguish over twenty years in our country.

We want to call an attention to the complicated history and culture of Caucasian nations and states.

We want to become a part of the reestablishment process of the common cultural and scientific Caucasian space and start this project with creating the Web Library, Web Catalogue and Photo gallery.

1. Web Library.

2. Web Catalogue. After collapse of the USSR the unified catalogue system had been destroyed. We start collecting the data to create the set of publications that have been released after 1990 in the former USSR as well as abroad and devoted to the Caucasus.

The present catalogue is based on chronological principles. We have a strong long-term plan of creating the subject-matter and annotated catalogues. ( link Catalogue )

3. Photo gallery presents the travelers' private collections as well as various visual representations of Caucasian life style, history and culture ( link Photo Gallery).

We also plan to develop some more sectors like

1. Museums

2. Exhibitions

3. News of culture and humanitarian studies

4. Internet Journal



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