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Cultural and historical entity of the Caucasus
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New Alliance Foundation

Alliance is an association established on agreement. There is a certain congruity between the name of the Foundation (“The New Alliance”) and the indigenous Caucasian alliance.

The Caucasian region has its own distinctive cultural space. It is a historical and cultural community of peoples inhabiting both slopes of the Caucasian mountain range. This community had been established naturally in the course of millennia. However natural does not always mean harmonious, something formed once and forever and having only positive energy.

Therefore the first project of the Foundation is dedicated to the general Caucasian subjects. (About Project)

Why is the Caucasus so attractive? Caucasus is a unique ethnographic and linguistic phenomenon, attribute and pride of our civilization. In a way it is a reserve. Coexisting here are two world religions, Islam and Christianity. For thousands of years a community of the peoples representing the most ancient civilizations had been forming in this region. Those were: the autochthonous population (Nakh and Daghestanian, Abkhasian and Adygei, also Kartvelian peoples); Indo-European peoples (Armenians, Ossetians, Tats and Talysh), peoples of the Turkic group (Azeri, Kumyks, Nogai, Balkars and Karachai) and some other peoples. Throughout the whole history of their coexistence which was not always serene, they managed to establish and maintain their cultural distinctiveness and to work out its main principles and mechanisms.

Not only common past unites the Caucasus, but common concern about for the future as well. Since the 1990s the Caucasian countries have been involved in different political, economic and cultural contexts. The abrupt break of the former habitual links was happening in parallel with the new circumstances and furious speed of changes. This gave rise to numerous destructive social, political and economic tendencies. Challenge of the new period along with the ancient traditions, specific mentality and way of life turned the Caucasus to be the knot of intricate contradictions. Its new image that came in view in the third millennium is very unattractive. Nowadays the Caucasus is perceived as a frightful, unpredictable, aggressive and uncontrolled region.

What do we know about the Caucasus? And what do the Caucasians know about them-selves and about each other? Creation myths and propaganda are one of the sources of information and a convenient instrument used by the religious extremists and nationalists for manipulating people. Today we must admit and announce publicly that this unique region is in a catastrophic state. Democratic institutes and values oppose traditional values. European standards and social, political and economic models introduced mechanically in the traditional systems have distorted forms. The Caucasus entered the 21st century with numerous frozen conflicts, territorial disputes and with many other problems still unsolved.

What can be opposed to the cultural, ideological and civilization crisis in the Caucasus? It is culture and mutual understanding that should assign primary importance to economic, political and social tasks. All attempts to find the appropriate solution in this extremely difficult situation without spiritual (that is cultural) aspects taken into account is just as irrigating the desert without building necessary infrastructures. The water will no doubt flow into the sand…

The Caucasus is a point of intersection and at the same time a link between the European and Asian countries. It is the most important geo-political key of the European continent. Its significance can scarcely be exaggerated. Since the earliest times local and international trade routes, and transport corridors have been coming through here in all directions by land and by sea. They are still of particular importance within the international cooperation system.

Nowadays the globalization ideology is extending worldwide. This intends political and economic, as well as intellectual and cultural integration of the Caucasus in this process. It is therefore essentially importunate to maintain the unique, century-old way of life, traditions and culture along with linguistic and ethnic diversity.

The clue to the solution of the problem can be found in happy coexistence of the values common to the modern humanity with specific features of the national cultures. The Foundation expects the Caucasus to be a progressive, thriving, attractive, safe, and welcome partner within the geo-political, economic and cultural space of Eurasia.

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