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Cultural and historical entity of the Caucasus
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About Foundation

The Foundation focuses its activity on humanitarian disciplines and education. It participates in the intercultural exchange and joins the programmes intended for a harmonious development of a person and of the whole society.

Nowadays we, the whole humanity and every individual are involuntary witnesses and participants of the global culture of the 21st century. It is a new inter-civilization system of values unprecedented within the history of humanity.

There is an amazing rapprochement of the spiritual and material culture happening these days. Cooperation of the states and peoples is gradually increasing. Cooperation of the states and peoples is gradually increasing. So is the mutual responsibility. It is obviously impossible to create a paradise in a single country. Wealthy societies feel responsible for the poor ones not only in the economic aspect, but in the humanitarian and cultural spheres as well. Is it not so that dearth of culture is a lot worse than physiological hunger?

Cultural and ideological models of the human society are formed of different tendencies and interests. At times the directions of their development can be contradictory or even incompatible.

At the end of XX century a renowned philosopher wrote down in his diary, “People have been bound together by force. Being dependent on your neighbour is worse and more injurious than being dependent on the legislative power”.This is very true today!

It is so painful and depressing to see a growing geographical expansion of the latent and open conflicts. Ignorance, nescience, lack of knowledge and illiteracy are scourge of our time. They raise insurmountable barriers in the path of the civilized progress of the society.

What should be done to make the diversity of the national cultures provide us with joy and longing for creation?

The system of values of the Foundation is based on the principles of tolerance, mutual help, respect and admiration of the spiritual diversity of mankind.

We believe that true culture does have a remedial ability for creation.

We believe that uniqueness of peoples can contribute to the triumph of harmony and creation when based on the values of culture, science and education.

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